Agile Open Arizona

We create space for people to actively engage to share ideas and knowledge transparently.  Topics are driven by the people attending the open space conference and attendees contribute at their own pace.

Why We are Doing This?

Open Space conferences existed for years.  This is an amazing way to build community and introduce people to lean thinking and agile practices.

Meet the Team

Our team is built with volunteers local to Tucson and other areas in the world.  We want to create a space where people can attend the Agile Open Arizona conference to learn new concepts and leave with the need for more.


Dr. Dave Cornelius

Event Organizer

Dr. Dave is an author, speaker, agile coach and trainer, and philanthropist. I love Open Space conferences. Helping people achieve awesomeness.

Jon Jorgensen

Jon Jorgensen


Jon is a ​business performance coach, trainer, and consultant. More details at or

Cat Swetel


Cat is a consultant specializing in lean inspired, data informed coaching for technology organizations.She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEAM as a means of creating possibilities for a more equitable human future based on generative institutions. 

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Audrey Scheere


Combining global project experience in radio, recording and translation with Lean & Agile management.

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Michele is an Agile / IT Program Manager and Release Train Engineer (RTE).  Progressive technologist with a focus on helping organizations make the transition from traditional development/system practices to modern tooling, processes and mindset to improve release frequency, quality and general happiness.

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